Then ( 1974) and Now ( 2016)

Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary.  I’ve been thinking about the differences between today and our wedding day all those years ago…

Then– The night before our wedding we had bachelor and bachelorette parties.  We stayed up very late and drank ( a lot!).   We felt just fine the next day.

Now– Last night, we were both in bed by 10 having had nothing at all to drink but still feeling like we’d been run over by a truck.

Then– On our wedding day we spent the whole day getting ready.  This is  funny considering young people already look pretty damn good when they “woke up like this”.

Now– He left for work at 7 am and I left for work at 7:45 am. I remember shrugging at the mirror and muttering ” it is what it is old girl”.  I think I ran a comb through my hair.

Then- We spent our wedding night at the local Holiday Inn and were so excited to have room service and sleep in a bed larger than our own.

Now– We’ll grab a quick bite to eat after work and be happy to have our own rooms to sleep in because we both snore and have different sleep cycles.

Then– Our love was new and exciting.  We had our whole life ahead of us.  We were two young kids who had no idea what the future would hold.

Now– Our love is mature and…..well…mature.  There is nothing else like it. We are two older people who are safe and secure after living a lifetime together.

I love remembering how we started but where we are today is the best.

We often get the question “how have you managed to stay married all these years?”.  My answer is love, forgiveness, humor and separate bedrooms.    That whole love and forgiveness thing is much easier when you’re well rested.  😉




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