Brain Thaw


Brain Freeze.

You know, when you drink something really cold and everything in your head freezes? ( Also known as nerve pain of the sphenopalatine ganglion , but really what nerd says that? My apologies to anyone who does and I hope you get out more).

Anyway, brain freeze. I think this happened to me in January. My brain just stopped working. All the creative and rational thought just frosted right over and stopped. For a couple months I couldn’t write a humorous sentence or even a sentence that made any sense. I gave in to hibernation.

Yesterday the outside temperatures made it into the 40’s (maybe even 51 if you can believe my car). I heard a cracking sound in my head and a tiny green sprouted thought tried to poke its head out of the vast wasteland of ice.

I quickly grabbed the hair dryer and pointed it at my scalp.

The thought sprout stretched its little arms and soaked up the warm air. At that point my hair smelled like it was burning so I turned off the dryer but I digress.

At last brain thaw had begun.

This post is the tiny sprout. Don’t be too hard on it, it is just a baby. We’ll see what kind of an adult a little more sun and warm weather makes of it.

Welcome back brain.

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  1. Absolutely love this!!!

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