Lining Up My Ducks

Ducks in  a Row

My little yellow ducks must be in a neat row.

I need to know where I’m going, when I’m going there and how to get there.

I need to know the parameters of every situation.

This is the only way I can stay balanced and function.

If I’m going on a trip I make an itinerary for each day. I also have a packing list with each days activity listed.

Why you ask? ( umkay, you didn’t ask, you don’t really give a fig but I’m telling you anyway)

I do not really know.

Surprises or spontaneity leave me feeling as off balance as an elephant on a surfboard. Just part of my quirky introverted personality.

The funny thing is that my space, my desk, my familiar things can be messy and it doesn’t bother me. I have control over those things.

It is the things that I don’t have control over that I need to have a map for.

I am not a control freak though. I have no need to control others or situations that affect others.

Sometimes my ducks try to rebel. The one with the mustache tries to organize a coup and they all march around in a messy circle holding signs that say “Loosen up” and “Life is messy, go with the flow!”

I try. Sometimes I leave a day on my packing list blank. When I get up that morning I have to decide what to wear in the moment. I get hives but I usually just try to match the clothes to the red spots. Sometimes it works and the mustached duck gets a smug look on his little duck face.

I’m seriously thinking about having duck for dinner soon. I just need to find a piece of paper and make a nice list.

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1 Response to Lining Up My Ducks

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    Love this one. I think Mom may have been this way, only never voiced it. Good for you for “putting a voice to this. Love you sister dear!!!

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