What’s up with that? A Morning Ramble through the Brain Bramble

What’s up with ketchup and mustard?   No matter how much I shake them, when I open  and squeeze….out comes that liquid sploosh that isn’t quite ketchup or mustard.

Is that liquid hanging on for dear life up in the cap somewhere while I’m singing my shaking song? ( Shake , shake , shake, ….shake , shake, shake….shake your bottle).

Ketchup and Mustard

Hang on Sploosh, she’s gonna shake!


What’s up with the Drive thru?   The sign clearly says “Drive Thru”.   Dunkin Donuts needs to change their sign to read  “Drive Thru OR  Block Traffic, It’s all up to you! Because that red-head behind you doesn’t really need her coffee”

Drive Thru

Not Dunkin Donuts but should be.


What’s up with the special secret society of EXEMPT  STOPPERS?     I’m sure New York has the most members because I see their members ignore signs and lights every day.  I feel so excluded.  I never got my invitation..

Stop Sign

Special New York Signs that only Exempt Stoppers can see.


What’s up with pens?   How does the ink jump up on my fingers?    Special jumping ink?  Ink with a mind of its own?   Is it like The Blob?

The Blob

Run away! Run Away! The ink gonna get you!

Thank you for joining the morning ramble through the brain bramble.     This is the end of the tour ( unless The Blob got you, in which case welcome to The Hotel California).  Please exit to your left.   Watch out for the sploosh on the floor and if you feel like it please observe all traffic signs .  If you’re in the Drive Thru putting on your makeup, we’ll wait.

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