Finding my Real Voice


Yesterday I spent hours working on a post about becoming “Real”.       I wrote, I edited, I rewrote and edited some more.     Each time I’d save a draft I just wasn’t satisfied.   Though the post read well and did convey how I felt, it did not feel like my voice.  I did not publish the post.

Then something happened that brought everything into focus for me.

A post showed up on my Facebook feed from a site that I follow.   The post was “17 Surprises Your Body has in Store for you Post 50”.    I read the post and immediately needed to write my responses to all the things that my body surprised me with.   The post I wrote was funny, sarcastic and sprinkled with profanity.   I wrote it in 5 minutes, it flowed from my fingers and I was happy with what I wrote.

I had a light bulb moment.   In the first post, I was trying to write like someone else. Trying to convey a message in a voice that wasn’t mine.

The funny thing is that the entire first post was about “becoming” who I should be.

I think the second post clarified that for me.     I’m not going to be a sweet , soft , each post has a message writer.

I’m going to make you laugh ( or not depending on whether you were born with the humor gene and/or  like my kind of humor), shake your head , maybe blush a little.

I need to concentrate on my voice and not try to imitate a style that is not my own.

I’m grateful for the clarity.   Even if I’m not so grateful that my body had 17 surprises in store for me.    If you care to read that post read it here .

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