Delbert Donkey sees the Sunny Side- A Barnyard Fable

mini donk

Delbert the miniature donkey lived on a beautiful farm with many other animals.

Delbert had it made, he got all the feed he needed, had a stall all to himself and the loving attention of the children who lived on the farm.

There was one problem. Delbert wasn’t a happy donkey and looked at life in pessimistic way.

He never thought anything good would happen and even when it did Delbert made it a negative.

If the sun was shining Delbert would say “I’m sure it is going to rain”

If he got fresh water in his trough he would say “No matter, it will be dirty soon enough”

If the children came to brush him he would say “They won’t do it right”.

The other barnyard animals would try to help Delbert see the positive side of things.

“It’s a beautiful day Delbert!”

“Hey Delbert! Happy Day!”

“Delbert how lucky you are to get brushed everyday!”

Delbert would always respond with a negative little “hee-haw, no it’s not”.

One day a horrible storm hit the farm. It rained and rained and the water rose and rose until everything was flooded.

Delbert  climbed up on the hay in the barn and thought smugly “I told them it was going to rain”.

As Delbert sat on the hay waiting for the water to recede he could see out of the loft window.   The rain had stopped and the sun was shining again.   Delbert saw a rainbow for the first time.    He decided it was kind of pretty but then said out loud “It won’t last”.

A little voice under the hay said ” No, but isn’t it beautiful right now?”

“Who is that talking?” Delbert asked

” Frannie  Fieldmouse is my name” the little voice said as a little gray mouse came to sit beside him on the hay.   “Don’t you think the rainbow is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”

Delbert thought for a minute and admitted that the rainbow was beautiful.   As he said those words he got a feeling he’d never had before.   He felt lighter and happier.

He felt……..positive.

He looked at the sun and it was shining brightly.   “It’s a sunny day”  Delbert thought  “The sun is warm and will dry up all the flooding soon enough”.

He felt a smile begin to form and a happy “hee-haw” escaped from his throat.

Delbert couldn’t believe how different he felt when he chose to see something in a positive light instead of negative.

When the animals and humans came out to the barnyard  the next day they found a smiling, different Delbert.   He had learned to see the sunny side of life and it had changed him.

Moral:    Always try to find a positive in any situation.  A positive outlook can be life changing.

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