The results are in……

The results of the Great Donut Tour 2015 that is.

Oh it wasn’t supposed to be a donut tour.  It was just supposed to be a cross country trip in a box on wheels.

But a donut tour it was.

I ate donuts in Ohio.   I ate donuts in Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma………I ate donuts in every state we drove through.

Sometimes they came from a bakery, sometimes they came from a truck stop and sometimes they were those little hostess donettes….


Didn’t matter.   I ate them.

Then we spent a month in California   The land of the gourmet donut.

gourmet donuts

I donutted every day for a month.  Many…….many…….donuts.

I ate 15 pounds of donuts.  Okay, that is probably not technically correct.

I gained 15 pounds from donuts would be more accurate.

When I got home I was in Do-nial.   I was sure that someone in this house had washed all of my work clothes in hot water and dried them in the dryer while I was gone.

Worse, the months I spent getting over the sugar craving were wasted.

I was hooked again.

The months I spent losing 20 pounds,  all down the donut hole.

I’m ready to face the truth now.    Weeble Wobble Kathy now resembles her namesake.


I am forced to dust off the Weight Watchers app on my phone and admit my weakness.

So, it is back to the treadmill , back to counting points and back to that damn bathroom scale that mocks me each morning.

Bye Bye Donuts.    I’ll miss you.

(I’m not sure who dressed Weeble Wobble Kathy but someone get that Weeble some slimming BLACK)

To be continued……….and with any luck not from a table in Dunkin Donuts.

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  1. Ok, I have donut envy.

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