The RV Series-On To The Next

It was a little chilly in Las Vegas this morning.   The thermometer read 55 degrees as I headed outside to have my coffee.

“Chilly” of course, is relative.

55 degrees in New York was almost bathing suit weather, here it qualifies as chilly.

I guess after a year of living in Las Vegas, my old body has acclimated.

We’ve been living full time in Bella-Box on Wheels for over 17 months and our home base at the Las Vegas Motor Coach Resort for over a year.   I haven’t minded the small space and don’t miss the big house.  I enjoy our open-air casita and the outdoor living we do.

But now, we are beginning to talk about what might be next in our lives.  It seems we are in a state of flux again.  We love being able to travel but are finding that traveling all year isn’t practical and for many reasons, we just aren’t sure that a home base in Las Vegas is right for us.

While Las Vegas is so much more than The Strip with its casinos, it is still a 24-hour city with the traffic, crime and frenetic pace that comes with that.

There is a part of me that longs for a place with a slower pace, some open space, mountains or water.  The desert has its own beauty but my favorite color is evergreen, and my favorite feeling is calm.  Outside the resort, I don’t find much of either.

The reasons we chose this RV lifestyle remain.  There are kids and grandkids spread all over the country and being able to spend quality time with them is still at the top of our list.   So the question of whether to keep the RV or sell it and buy a permanent home keeps us up at night.

Figuring out the logistics of where we can get all the things we want is making us a little crazy.  We know there is no perfect place but finding one that checks off the most boxes is the ultimate goal.

In the meantime, even though our old acclimated bodies might need a jacket, we will continue to enjoy this relatively warm winter here in Las Vegas, where pansies and petunias are blooming in their pots just outside Bella-BOWs door.




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