The takeaway. Smiling.

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I will sing and dance with abandon
even when my voice carries no tune,
my feet no rhythm except the beating of my own heart.

I will allow my creativity to flow.
Though my art may not meet the definitions of others
I will fear no judgement and forgive myself my own.

I will love even when I am unloved and
show kindness to the unkind.

The mirror will be my friend and
reflect a new acceptance and appreciation.

I will be who I am and
tune out the sound of past reproach
long played in my mind.

I will wear silver shoes and jingle jangle bangles
and run through the snow in my pajamas
to make snow angels.

Each morning the world will be as big or as small as I choose
and I will dance and sing my way through


About this poem:    I titled this poem The takeaway because this feeling is what I came home with after the weekend at the Bedlam Farm open house.    There was acceptance, there was connection, there was encouragement and friendship.    As I inch toward my 60th birthday (4 months and 5 days , not that I’m counting) my resolution is to be who I want to be for the years I have left.  Also,I like silver shoes and jingle jangle bangles so I worked that right on in there.



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  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    Most excellent!!!!

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