Diet Day One ( or One Hundred One or maybe One Thousand One)


After a season of gluttony it was time for a reality check.    Actually the reality came when I zipped up my  jeans and zipped right into my flesh.      While tearing off ones fat may be the easiest way to lose weight it is painful.

So I set today, January 5th, as the day I would start back on the Weight Watchers plan.     I  lost weight last year doing the points counting thing and it really hadn’t been that difficult.     However, when I stopped counting points and started counting bags of mini milky way bars( and Thanksgiving/Christmas pies, cakes and assorted sugary crap) I gained back half of what I lost.

Stuffed in a drawer, I found the Fitbit Flex that I “just had to have” last year .   I charged that baby up and put it on my wrist first thing this morning.   Off and on all day I checked my phone to see how many steps I had taken, how many miles I had gone and if I had any active minutes.    Most of the day I was disappointed and snorting “no way, I’ve walked farther than that” under my breath.

I was also faithfully logging anything that went in my mouth into the WW app on my phone.   I was thrilled to discover that the leftover mini candy canes at the office were only 1 point for 3 candy canes.    I might have shouted “hot damn! Give me canes!” from my office.   I made those three candy canes last all day ( and hid the rest….).

After work I put on my running shoes, took the clothes off the rack that doubles as a treadmill and started walking.     I opened up the Fitbit app and watched those steps add up.    That got boring so I watched the news.   That got boring too.    Then the fitbit on my wrist did a little dance and damn near scared me to death. The app on my phone told me that I had just passed 10000 steps .   I  also had 30 active minutes.   Then I got an congratulatory email.    I felt like I’d won the Nobel prize.

Excited about all that activity and calories burned I checked to see how many points I had earned while sweating for half an hour.


One. Lousy. Point.

A little discouraged until I remembered that I had stuffed three mini candy canes into my purse.

I immediately used that point and felt much better.

Tomorrow I’m just going to start with candy canes and go from there.

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One Response to Diet Day One ( or One Hundred One or maybe One Thousand One)

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    lol-lol-lol-lol…. hmmmm, let me think, ,hmmmm. I have lots of excuses and number 1 is…. It’s difficult to get in a 1000 steps if one is hindered by a leg/foot that is contrary… AND, that is just the first excuse. “I have more”. : ) Loved the post!

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