I got ’em.

That’s right, the blahzzzz.    Not to be confused with the regular old “blahs” or the “blues” or any other regular term used to describe the post vacation let down.

Nope these are the blahzzzz .   The sound in my head is much like the buzzing of a thousand bees. This is making it difficult to concentrate on normal activity ( or maybe I just really don’t want to and the bees are a good excuse).

After the high of vacation and travel for six weeks I’m having a hard time fitting my square peg back in the round work hole.

My work brain seems to be missing.  I think I may have left it in one of those RV parks.

We may have to go look for it….

This morning I went to the office hoping the work fairy had visited in the night.  It was terribly disappointing to find that hadn’t happened.

She is probably on vacation.

In a BBoW.

Speaking of BBoW , Camping Dave is taking our grandson out this coming weekend.   I don’t think he is ready to give up the vacation high either ( and is probably dealing with his own buzzing brain but his bees sound like  “Go Dave, go go go Dave”).

I’m staying home because I need some “just me” time. I hope the time will help me get the bees in my head into a hive and my square work peg into the round work hole.

In the meantime, just ignore those bees flying around me and the blank look on my face.

It’s just the blahzzzz.



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