Bless This Hot Mess

Bless this hot mess


I saw this little message on a sign the other day and thought how appropriate it is for me right now.

I am one HOT MESS.

Each January my brain goes into hibernation.  I can’t speak intelligently, put words on paper, organize or plan.    This is particularly troublesome as January is my busiest time at work.

So here I sit in my tiny square office surrounded by papers and files that need to be boxed for storage, filed away or put in the “Holy Shit! It’s Tax Time!” folder.

Holy Shit It's Tax Time

And what am I doing?   I’m writing a blog.   I’m looking at Facebook.   I’m swiveling in my chair waiting for lunch.   I had to make a decision on what to eat and used up my entire quota of decision making for the day.

I’m also playing with this guy…


He was a Christmas gift from the kids, given because of our uncanny resemblance (freakishly short arms and a big mouth).

All the growling and stomping are making  my employees wonder what the heck I’m doing in here (I keep telling them,  it is not me, it is the DINOSAUR).

As I watch the minutes slowly tick down this Friday afternoon, I’m looking forward to spending Hot Mess Weekend in my pajamas  with no expectation of productivity.

My apologies in advance to anyone forced to deal with me in the next twenty-three days of “hibraination”.    Be sure to make note of what I say and we’ll revisit everything in February when the thaw happens… ( keep your fingers crossed that the thaw actually does happen ).

Freaky Dino and I wish you a..

Hot Mess Weekend












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