Power to the Peep-ple

For years, I kept to the March shadows.  I hid my addiction and never wanted anyone to know I was scoring. I put them on grocery lists when I wasn’t doing the shopping, or I would stop at the drug store for a ton of other things and slip them in hoping nobody would notice.

I never imagined there were others.   I never thought about where they all went every year. I just knew I had to have them, and I bought as many as I could.   Hitting the jackpot was scoring them the day after when they were fifty percent off.

Now I’ve come to the light.   I’m no longer ashamed to be an adult with an addiction to … Peeps.


Those little plops of sugary marshmallow shaped like bunnies or chicks, artificially flavored and colored in yellow, pink, blue ( the best!) and white.  Nothing at all healthy or wholesome about them, but if you open them and let them get stale for a few days, eating them is like a little slice of heaven.

I’ve come to find out that people are doing more than eating them (which fills in the blank on where the heck they all go every year). This is happening:

Peep dioramaVillage Peeps

And my very favorite

Peeps Peep Show

Peeps are being used as ART SUPPLIES!   To me, this is a little like going into Michaels Crafts and eating the glitter sharpies but ……eh……whatever floats your boat I guess.

They do make cute dioramas.

It’s a good thing nobody ever asked me to make a Peep-o-rama though.   I would have shown up at the contest holding an empty shoe box with little marshmallow stains, a telltale sugary mess on my mouth and a great big Peeperlicious smile.

So step into the light my peeps peeps, stop hiding the marshmallow under your fingernails and the blue stained tongue.

Be loud, Be proud.  Power to the Peep-ple!



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