Wise advice from Jock the Dog

Hey all, Jock the dog here.  I managed to get the blog password again.  She keeps changing it, but I’m an E.B.H.B.C.  ( Expert Blog Hacking Border Collie)

My favorite person was away for days and days.   She left me here with my other person and Tarra.  Dallas was here too, but I don’t like to talk about him too much.  He annoys me and sometimes knocks me over because he is too … what’s that word my person uses for him … oh yeah … exuberant.   I’m not sure what the word means, but it must be another word for asshole.

Anyway, while my favorite person was gone, I managed to convince my second favorite person to carry me up and down every step in the house and outside. I pretended I couldn’t go up or down ANY steps at all.   It’s true that I can’t manage the steps to upstairs, but I fooled him into thinking I couldn’t do the two steps to outside and back in. Ha!  I knew he would tell my favorite person and thought maybe she would come home.

Unfortunately, my game didn’t work on her, and she was gone two weeks. When she came home, she gave me that all-knowing look and just stood there until I had to pee so bad that I went down the two steps to the backyard.    Then she stood there with a cookie in her hand until I came back up the two steps.  Then she raised her eyebrows, and muttered a word that might have been “exuberant”…

Later, I asked the man person to let me outside.  I stood and looked at him, then at the door and back to him but then I heard my favorite person tell him not to be so gullible.  Dammit.  The jig was up.  It sure was fun to fool him while I could but all in all, I’m glad the wise one is home.

Take my advice. You know how we say “you can’t teach an old person new tricks”?  You can if you’re an old dog, and it’s a man person but don’t try it with the woman person, it won’t work.


Jock, who is not at all exuberant

dog paw print


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1 Response to Wise advice from Jock the Dog

  1. janetmbednarz says:

    Oh Jock, in our house we call this “bamboozling” the gullible man person. As in, “Jock bamboozled the man person to carry him up and down the two back steps while his favorite woman person was gone.” You may not be exuberant, but it sound like you have an admirable ability to bamboozle a gullible man. Carry on.

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