Retirement Journal-Routine Maintenance and Ducks Amok

After jumping from the Good Ship WorkDay into a dinghy on the Sea of Retirement, it seems I’m suddenly adrift and rudderless.

The daily routine of get up, get dressed, get coffee, get to work has become roll over, check the clock, shake head, go back to sleep.  When I do get up, I can’t seem to get started on anything productive because I don’t have a plan.  I’m spending my days in yoga pants and Ugg slippers.   Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth.

A set schedule has always made me feel comfortable and secure. I miss feeling in control and accomplished.  In the past month of retirement,  the ducks I’ve always had in a row have run amok, leaving me a little bit dazed and muttering “WTF?” while I try to corral the little bastards and get them back in a nice organized line.

Most days I just give up and let the amok ducks win.

I need some routine maintenance.  Emphasis on the word ‘routine.’

It’s funny that as much as I have always disliked change, it is in change that I learn the most about myself.

I’ve learned that I am not very good at this retirement thing because I haven’t figured out a daily routine that works for me.

I’m learning it’s hard to be a Type A personality in a Type B environment.

But, as a predominantly Type A person I know that I will eventually make this work for me or that I will Type A the hell out of learning to relax …

For now, maybe I’ll make some to-do lists and put them on a nice spreadsheet with bold headers and columns for lovely check marks  ( first on the list….BRUSH TEETH.)

Maybe add some graphics and colorful pie charts.

Then I’ll glue the all the little duck feet to the floor in a nice straight line.

Accomplishment and control, courtesy of Excel, Superglue and Crest.

It’s a start……














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1 Response to Retirement Journal-Routine Maintenance and Ducks Amok

  1. My parents are retired and enjoy doing absolutely nothing together. They’ve been retired for a while. My daughter’s first grade teacher retired a few years ago and I constantly run into her at school because she substitutes often. Everyone has their own way of “retiring” I guess.

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