Becoming a Vegan

No, not VEE-gan.  I did not give up meat, dairy or other animal products.

I like a good steak way too much.

On Monday I officially became a Las VAY-gan when I went to the DMV, turned in my New York drivers license and declared myself a resident of Las Vegas Nevada.

I didn’t actually have to turn in my New York license, but the lady behind the counter took her giant hole punch and punched a big old “VOID” in it.

Luckily, not across the picture because I’m keeping that.   It was taken about 16 years ago, and the State of New York just kept allowing me to renew with that old picture.

As the years passed, I could see the people who needed to check my ID look at me with increasing suspicion.

But that’s ok.   Every time I looked at the picture, I smiled.

I have no idea what my Nevada drivers license picture will look like.  They don’t show you when they take the picture.  I guess you’re supposed to be surprised ( or horrified)  when it comes in the mail.

I’m a little afraid.

If it’s bad, I’ll just cut out the good one from New York and superglue that sucker right on top of my old face on my Nevada ID.

So, anyway, I guess I’m no longer officially a New Yorker and since New York is the place I lived longer than any other in my life, answering the “where are you from?” question might take some practice.

My answer will probably come out as “Upstate New ….um…….Las…um….Nevada” until I get accustomed to the new facts.


“Hi, I’m Kathy.  I’m from Las Vegas Nevada.   My license?  Um….here….pay no attention to the superglue smears.   Yes, that’s me.  No, really, it is!   Look closer.   Use your time machine imagination! ”

Okay, so I can see that might not go as well as I hope.    I guess I’ll just swallow my pride and take whatever picture comes on the new license.

I can always move again…








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