The RV Series- Home is where you park it and maybe never move it again.

If you read my last post, you know our return trip to Las Vegas did not go as planned.  We finally made it out of Brighton Colorado on Saturday around 3:30 pm after a nice man named Zack gave up his Saturday to install the needed part.    We weren’t able to find an RV park to stop in on the way home, so we spent a few hours in a Love’s Travel Plaza parking lot to catch a few hours of sleep.


I did see the sign that said we could only stay an hour but I decided to be a loiterer and wait to see if anyone made us move.   When we woke up from our nap, we noticed that we had been loitering trendsetters because the parking lot was full of other campers and RV’s…all loitering.  A lawless society of Loves Loiterers.

After having the mechanical breakdown, I was feeling nervous about traveling, and all I wanted to do was get home.   Because of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, traffic was horrendous, and the trip took hours longer than it usually would, but finally, we saw the sign.


And then an hour later our home.


In the last year of living full time in the coach, I hadn’t given a thought to breakdowns or road troubles.   In fact, I questioned why anyone would own an RV and never move it.  Now, I understand why people might do that.     We were fortunate that the issue we had was covered by Freightliner under warranty and didn’t cost us anything out of pocket other than our living expenses while we waited forever for the part.    We were told when we picked up the coach that the tow bill alone was….*gulp*….$4500.

I naively believed that because our coach was new, we wouldn’t have any significant issues.  I now know from experience and reading various RV forums that isn’t true.   It’s a giant mechanical and electronic box on wheels bouncing at 65 miles per hour over terrible roads ( I’m talking to you Indiana and Illinois).

Things are going to break.   Those things will have to be fixed.   Fixing those things is expensive.

We have a trip to California coming up next week.   I’m going to try very hard not to worry about what  *might* or *could* happen, but I have to admit that the thought of buying a house that is attached to the ground did enter my mind while we were stranded in Colorado.

I think I’m over that feeling and ready to go with the flow again.  For now, it’s just good to be home in Las Vegas.

Even though it takes an oven mitt to be able to touch the door handle.


Stay tuned….







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