Just when I thought I had the dog trained…..


Boy oh boy.

Oh boy.

I bought the book. I bought about 100 clickers. I diligently followed the training instructions in the book.

At times it appeared to be working. I would open the back door, click, click and Dallas would come running.

Other times he just sat up on his hill and looked at me like the Helen Keller of the canine world.

I questioned his intelligence. I questioned my intelligence. It finally struck me that this was a war of wills and that I was losing.

I was losing to a 60 lb mixed breed dog.

Unfortunately (for me) that mix includes Border Collie and Golden Retriever, both highly intelligent breeds.   So obviously it is me.  The dog is training me.

Teaching me that sometimes he just enjoys sitting at the top of the hill and doesn’t want to come in the house. Teaching that even screaming “cookie time!” just makes him roll his eyes and then roll in something stinky up there.

Maybe  he wants me to learn to savor the moments that make us happy and damn the time schedule.

The next thing you know he will be using the clicker on me. Click, Click! Come outside human and roll in something stinky with me.

He’ll need to scream “cookie time” for it to work.

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