Good Reasons not to Name a Fish: The Sequel

When last we visited the topic of my pond fish I was mourning the loss of Tawanda  and Larry ( or it could have been Moe) to the Blue Heron Buffet.   (read post here )

To revisit the topic, the iPhone photo below shows yet another reason not to name a pond fish.




There are just not enough names.

Obviously,  I was left with a male and a female because I have many nameless babies.  Many.   Probably 50 babies ranging from 1 inch long to 3 inches long.    After the tragedy , Moe and Wanda ( or it could be Larry ) got  busy repopulating.


The village of Pond isn’t large enough to support all these children after winter sets in so some of them will be relocated to a condo (that I have yet to purchase) in my house where they will enjoy their days swimming in and out of a ceramic skull (who doesn’t want a ceramic skull in their aquarium?) and hiding among the plants (that may be plastic).

When spring arrives some of them will be returned to Pond and some of them may go to the pond store where they give us store credit for other things we need.  I hope they don’t end up as feeder fish ( or as I prefer to think about it “Go to the great pond in the sky” ) but find loving homes in other ponds.  (Not thinking too much about that one)

Right now it is time for me to crush up some food pellets and go feed Adam, Bella, Carl, Derrick, Eddie, Fred,…………damn………there I go again.



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