Perfectly polished…….

       luxetrackpant    The daily email from the fashion sales site Piperlime just dinged itself through my inbox.    I nearly jumped for joy when I read that the anatomy of  a perfect outfit, the building blocks to a polished look include………wait for it……….THE LUXE TRACKPANT.

 Track pant?  As in sweat pants?    Halle-freakin-lujah !  I am sitting here on a Saturday morning in my very own polished look!

Now admittedly , my sweat pants don’t look much like the pricey velvet ones in the picture (which are still SWEAT PANTS!)   and I’m not wearing a sparkly shirt and high heels but if Piperlime says I am polished then by gawd I’m polished.

Just switch out that sparkly shirt for a sports bra and sweatshirt and those high heels for scruffy slippers and I am a freaking  fashion goddess.  Finally.    If I didn’t think you’d all be jealous I’d take a full length picture of my perfectly polished anatomy of an outfit.

Yep.   Next stop the runway.

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1 Response to Perfectly polished…….

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    hahaha…. You’ll always be “my best dressed sister!”

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