The Oracle of Facebook.

Friends 97


I laughed this morning when I looked at my Facebook page and saw the words “Friends 97”.     I love the fact that Facebook has that much faith in me.

It has been well over a decade since I put a protective bubble around myself, withdrew from other people and refused any effort to break through.   The reason no longer matters, it is old history and I don’t look back.

Practice makes perfect , not practicing makes us rusty.   We may forget  exactly how something is done so it becomes easier not to do it.  It becomes scary to try .

I’m not sure I remember how to be a friend or to have a friend.

I watch the easy friendships of others and I envy those.   As a natural introvert, I’m not sure friendship was ever easy for me.

Maybe I need  a refresher course just to bring back the knowledge and technique I once had.    A “Friendship for Dummies” book ?  (I wonder if there is such a thing?  Going to Google that one.)

I think I’m ready to burst this bubble.   Believe the oracle of Facebook and trust that the Universe (and Facebook) knows what is best.  (Do not burst my new bubble by telling me that Facebook is not the oracle)

97 friends.  Imagine that.



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  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    Most excellent!!!!

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