The Purge

DSC_0264The end of the year.  The beginning of a new year.

This is when I throw shit away.   Looking at it from a deep psychological perspective it has to do with starting fresh and unencumbered or something like that.   I don’t look at it that deeply, makes my eyes cross.

I go through my closet and ruthlessly toss anything I don’t wear, haven’t worn, won’t ever wear or “what the hell was I thinking when I bought this”   into a big pile on the floor.     I try very hard not to think too much about it because that only brings the “well maybe I could wear that again” thoughts to the surface.    I’ve done this before.  I’ve tossed an item into the pile and then reconsidered.   Usually I am tossing that same item into the pile the next year with it never having seen the light of day.

I throw all of these piles into a giant ( I mean giant………you could put a giant in this bag)  heavy black plastic bag.      We will take the bag to Goodwill or The Salvation Army.  They can do whatever they want with it.

A couple of years ago after the annual purge I was driving by the Salvation Army store and in the window I  saw a mannequin wearing a really cute outfit    Doing a double take I realized it was mine.   See?   I should have kept it.   So what if the mannequin wearing it was 6 inches taller and 15 pounds thinner, she was bald.   I may be short and stout but I’ve got hair.

Back to purging…….

This year I’m thinking about the fact that in 53 days I will begin my 7th decade on this earth.    I will be 60 years old.    I can’t help but think of the things in my emotional life that I want to purge.

I don’t think I need a giant black plastic bag but maybe a nice cardboard box with a lid (to keep them from escaping).

I’ll put in negativity.   Going forward I’d like to see each situation in the most positive way I can.

I’ll cram envy in that box.   I have every material thing I need and I am happy with who and where I am.

Criticism will go in on top of envy.    Somehow being happy with who I am makes it much easier to be less critical of others and myself.

Before I close the lid I’ll add in worry.    Worry about tomorrow keeps me from living today.  I know that I want to enjoy each day.

As I turn 60, I will have cleaner closets and a healthier outlook.   I will also not be driving by the Salvation Army Store just in case that bald skinny mannequin is looking better in my clothes than I do.

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1 Response to The Purge

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    Somehow I missed this post. I like it. I wish I could throw away clothes but “at my age”, it’s difficult to get out and get new clothes. Now about that envy, worry, etc., It’s easier at this age to let it all go because I’m having trouble remembering why I go into a different room to get WHAT, let alone being envious or negative. So you’ll come full circle in about 13 years. Wonder what stage comes next? (shuddering here) See you soon.

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