Purge-The Sequel

In December I wrote a post called The Purge.   I was cleaning out closets and throwing/giving stuff away.

Now it is April and I’m doing the clothes thing again.

Where did all this crap come from?   How can one woman have this many clothes when she doesn’t shop and has already cleaned out these closets?  Are Ninja Fashionistas  sneaking in at night and leaving used clothes?

Weight gain/loss and gain again has something to do with it but I’m beginning to worry that I’m a hoarder.   I mean who really keeps a pair of bell bottom jeans from a time when bell bottom jeans were actually in style thinking that maybe they might be again?

No more.  It is all going.   There are now three more bags of clothes, shoes and handbags filled and ready to go.

I’m organizing the things that I’m keeping.    I am putting winter clothes that fit in plastic totes.   I’m also putting clothes I like but don’t fit in plastic totes .   I’m keeping those just in case I decide at some point I don’t like Twinkies  anymore.  I’ve marked that tote like this: We may never pass this way again

Hope springs eternal and all that jazz.

So I’ll get back to stuffing bags and totes and  I’m going to look for places that a Ninja Fashionista might be sneaking in.   That has to be the explanation, that or Sleep Shopping.

I’m going to look that up to see if it is a real thing.  In the meantime, does anyone need a nice pair of bell bottom jeans?



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