Ass-holiness and self discovery

An ass is an ass.  Right?

In this instance I’m not talking about the region south of my waist or adorable donkeys.

I’m talking about insufferable people. Those afflicted with  Ass-holiness.

Those who feel it is their calling in life to correct others on absolutely everything.

Not in a constructive helpful way but in the “I’m so much better, smarter, stronger , holier than thou  and I’m going to point that out to you from way up here on my superior pedestal” way. *Cue heavenly music*

Yep.  That kind of  ass.

But here is the self discovery part.   Does it make me ass-holy for saying someone is afflicted with ass-holiness?   Should I just learn to ignore those things that bother me and allow an ass to be an ass in their own space and mentally keep them out of my space?    I’m not sure.

I get tense and irritable when I encounter someone that does this if I allow myself to absorb it.  Tense and irritable isn’t what I want for my life.   I want to be calm and happy.

I’m learning.  I’m learning to shake my head, smile and just ignore.    Much better to focus on the positive, loving , supportive human beings around.

There is probably no real cure for Ass-holiness but it doesn’t need to be contagious.


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1 Response to Ass-holiness and self discovery

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    I hope I have NOT been as assholian to you.. shuddering…

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