The RV Series- D Day-Part One

big black bus beep beep     Today is D Day.    Delivery and demonstration.  We drive to the dealership in a regular car ( a little box on wheels) which fits on the road and we leave in a big box on wheels(that  I’m not sure fits between the marker lines) towing that vehicle behind it.

Have we ever driven a big box on wheels towing another little box on wheels?  Nope.

There is a first time for everything.     Right?  ( I hear you shaking your heads and hoping that everyone stays off the road for that half hour it takes us to get home)

The delivery appointment is scheduled to last 4 hours.   This time includes the part where I hand over a hefty portion of our retirement money and also the “demonstration” time.

We have never been through this before  so we don’t know what to expect from the demonstration.    I have fears of a speed talker running through each and every system on the unit in 30 minutes , looking at us and saying “got that?” while I stand there like a deer in the headlights muttering  ” wait, how do I open the door to get in?”.

Then what?   We get in and drive it away.    Away to where?   There seems to be a misty understanding (this is what I call something that isn’t quite clear) about exactly where we are going to put this thing.

We don’t have parking for it at home.   To my knowledge OHD ( old husband Dave, another post, another time)  has not secured a permanent spot to keep it.

There is some misty understanding of  “so and so said we could park it behind such and that for a time”.    In my I’ve spent 41 years figuring out exactly what you kind of mean when you kind of say it  way I think he is going to park it on the street in front of our house for a few days.   (You know, so we can look out our window and say “hey! look! somebody stole our wheels or door or ,heaven forbid, our air horns!”)     The street in front of our house is a neighborhood street, wide enough for two cars.    Will it be wide enough for a big box on wheels , a passing car and  *gasp* what will the neighbors think?

As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts,  I am a planner.    I like to know who, what, when and where.    I have a feeling this whole RV adventure is going to teach me a few things about how to relax and let go.   Either that or I’ll be waving good-bye to OHD as he pulls away in the big box on wheels after dropping me off at the adult day care.

So, more later on the actual facts of  D Day.  If I can remember how to open the door to get in.

to be continued….

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2 Responses to The RV Series- D Day-Part One

  1. jo says:

    oh boy!! and away you will go, wildly, unbelievably abandoning plans as RV shows you a new way! I look forward to more, much more.

  2. Teehee— you’ll be fine!! If you can’t open the door , you always have the….the… Oh crap, I don’t know WHAT you have…. Relax, trust old man Dave. Start everyday with Today is beautiful, perfect and relaxing….. Let me know where the damn door is. I love you!!!

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