The RV Series- D Day-Part 1.5

big black bus beep beep      Um…..  Yeah.    So this morning I posted that today was delivery and demonstration day for the new RV.

Here is how the day went…..

10 am-   We arrive for our scheduled appointment.    They are happy to take our money and we sign some papers.

10:30 am- We are introduced to “Sarge” our demonstration instructor.   Great guy, retired military, retired teacher.   Retired.

10:45 am- We begin the demonstration.   We start at the front of the coach , looking at the generator.  According to Sarge we have a ” big boy” .    I may or may not have muttered something under my breath regarding that term.    Sarge points out the whosits and whatsits and knobs and cranks.    Five minutes in , my eyes glaze over.   Luckily, I am video taping.

We move counter clockwise around the coach looking in all the bottom compartments at more whosiwhatsits.   I am still video taping.

Finally we get to go inside.     Lots of whizbangs and more whosiwhatsits.   I am still video taping.

Finally OHD  (Old Husband Dave) sits down in the driver’s seat to learn about the switches and things there.   Sarge begins to instruct him on the leveling system and pushes some buttons.    Lots of noise but nothing is happening.   Try again.   Same thing.     So a technician is called in and he tries the same buttons (because sometimes you know… just takes another man to push the same button a different  way…..) but no it isn’t working.    The tech crawls underneath.   Everyone has a conference.   The prep manager is called to give us the news.    The circuit board and hydraulic pump for the leveling system has died.     We could take it and bring it back but they wouldn’t recommend camping on a hill.   They might have the part in on Monday, they hope.

By now it is 1 pm and we’re both tired and hungry.

Hours of false labor and no delivery.

The positive points are that we didn’t drive it away and find out our whatchamacallit  was broken after we camped on a hill and now we have some time to read the 35 pounds of manuals I brought home.

When we finally do pick it up I will know what thingamabob does what.

Tonight, I’m drinking my dinner.

To be continued…..

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2 Responses to The RV Series- D Day-Part 1.5

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    Hahhahahahaha. I think “I” need a drink tooooo.

  2. Rick Johnson says:

    Welcome to the RV experience….great idea to video the demo ..wish we had thought of that

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