The RV Series-Me, Spontaneity and D Day part 1.9

If you’ve read the other blog posts you know our day on Thursday ended with us driving away from the dealership without the coach we were supposed to be leaving with.     Mechanical problems with the leveling system showed up in the demonstration.    I drank my dinner that night.

Yesterday  OHD ( Old Husband Dave)  spent some time on the phone with various people trying to pin down a parts order and get a firm date on when things would be fixed.   Last night he casually mentioned that maybe we should just go get it so we could see what we needed to get for the big cross-country trip coming up in a few weeks.      I thought maybe he was just thinking out loud so I didn’t really consider that I would get up this morning with him expecting me to be ready to GO GET IT.

Those who know me and anyone who has read my blog remember that I’m a planner.   Ducks in a row, gotta know where to go, when…..etc.   Spontaneity can send me right over the edge.     So, I’m having my first cup of coffee (first thing in the morning while I am still virtually brain-dead) and I’m informed by Mr. “I’m so happy and raring to go in the morning” that we’re picking up this thing in a “little while”.

But ……but……wait……I ……….I need to wash my hair.     That was all I could think to say.  I’m sure he rolled his eyes but mine weren’t open enough to see for sure.

I did wash my hair using the time  to think of a reason we shouldn’t go pick it up.  I couldn’t come up with a plausible reason other than “I’m nervous”.  Not good enough.

So off we go.  We got there to find that they had pulled it around the back of the dealership.   OHD wanted to do a little walk through and around to note any issues we didn’t get to note the other day when our demo came to a screeching halt due to the mechanical issues.     We opened the driver’s side slide-out and discovered that we had a big bunch of nesting material on top of it and in the awning cover.    Apparently, a bird had heard we were going to California and wanted to move their family to a warmer climate.   Sorry bird, not this time.

While OHD was up there cleaning he noticed that the person who installed the satellite dish had left a large bolt just laying right beside it which would have been a lovely liability claim when it flew off and hit someones windshield.   I thanked the bird for making sure we looked up there.

Finally time to leave , me driving my car and OHD driving this much bigger than I thought it was RV.          I stayed behind him until we got on the highway (freeway, northway or interstate depending on where you are from).    He seemed to be doing a great job of driving so I passed him and got home a few minutes before he did.

As he pulled up in front of our house, he blew the air horns.     I’m sure each and every neighbor said some choice words, none of which were “cool!”.    Our driveway is a little steep so it took some planning ( I do love planning!) to make sure we could back it up without bottoming out.  I felt like one of those airport guys with the big orange sticks as I was waving him this way and that .

Mission accomplished.   It is parked in our driveway for the next few weeks.


Now we can load it up with all the stuff we need for a month on the road. ( I have a list but then you knew I would).

Let the adventure begin.   But lets write it all down and plan it out first…….  😉

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2 Responses to The RV Series-Me, Spontaneity and D Day part 1.9

  1. Kathy says:

    Ya know, you WILL end of with gray hair by the time this is over ! I love you !!

  2. Joyce Gillette says:

    Live in the “now”. There’s always a store around…but wait, you need to plan outfits around the color PINK” ’cause Sunny is a wonderful almost here grandDaughter… I know you prefer black but how about a pink scarf or brooch or doohickey, or, or flower in your hair?

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