The RV Series- The Countdown and Going Over the Edge

May 22nd.   That is the day that two slightly old adults and two old dogs load themselves into a big box on wheels (henceforth known as the BBOW) and rocket down the road headed for the left coast.

Lets see *getting toes out of shoes so I can count*  Hmmm…22 take away 8… holy crap that is 14 days.  Pile of Stuff Two weeks to get the giant pile of things in our dining room organized and loaded into BBOW and to plan (there’s my favorite word!) for clothing, dog supplies and everything else a month away in a box requires.

But wait…Remember in the last post how I said spontaneity can drive me over the edge?

The edge must be in Nevada because tomorrow I am flying off  all alone for a 4 night, 3 day spontaneous get away.

So, lets subtract those 4 days and that leaves me with 10 days.   There are several things going on right now in our life which might give us pause about going on this adventure if we let them.     We are not going to let them.

It’s Damn the Torpedoes!  Full speed ahead!    All of those things will still be here waiting to be taken care of when we get back.

I am secretly hoping to come home from my over the edge getaway and find that OHD  (Old Husband Dave ) has BBOW all ready to go and all I’ll need to do is pack my shoes.

Either way, it’s over the edge for me tomorrow.   So, big pile of stuff, I’ll see you when I get back.


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1 Response to The RV Series- The Countdown and Going Over the Edge

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    THE DOGS. DON’T FORGET THE DOGS!!! Or are Jack an Josh going to care for them while you’re traveling in the BBOW traveling WEST… or left…

    Great post!!

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