Planning an RV Trip is Work (tune borrowed with my apologies to Santa Claus and the original song writer)

Lets all sing along to the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town……..

She’s making her lists

She’s checking them twice

Needs to find out if she needs towels or rice

Planning an RV trip is work


She makes lists when she’s sleeping

Adds to them when awake

They just keep getting longer

’cause there is so much to take


With cabinets to fill and groceries to buy

Sheets to put on , no need to ask why

Planning an RV trip is  work


The countdown is much shorter

with still so much to do

She’ll drive away on Thursday

and experience something new


So, you’d better watch out

at the end of May

Big Box on Wheels is coming your way

But not before she buys Cabernet…..


(Ho Ho Home on wheels  😉 )

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