The RV Series: Ready?- Set- Go!

We’re on the 24 hour countdown. The RV (Big Box on Wheels)  is loaded ( almost ) with all the things we’ll need to make the cross country trip and live for 30 days.

We have one more list of things to buy and then we’ll load ourselves and the two old dogs in and go. We’ll leave behind the house and one dog in the care of our son and grandson who are living with us.

The control freak in me is having a silent nervous breakdown. At least I think it is silent. The hives and shakes may give it away.

OHD (old husband Dave) walked in the bedroom last night and asked “what in here has to go?”      I silently swore and sweetly said out loud “everything except the bed”.

There is a pile of shoes .


There are clothes covering every surface. If you walk into the master bath you would think Sephora and Sally Beauty Supply unloaded a truck in there.

Yes, I know I am not going to Siberia.   Yes, I know I can buy what I forget or don’t have.  Not…the…point.   ( Not sure exactly what the point is but  I don’t think that is it.)

Tomorrow we will drive for a few hours and stop, just to get a feel for the thing.  The next day we head to Columbus, Ohio to see our son, daughter in law  and grand-kids for a couple of days.   Then Monday we’ll head west (assuming that we haven’t killed each other or filed for divorce before then).

The adventure ( or misadventure?) begins.     I’ll be blogging from the road ( or from jail).

Stay tuned……….




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