The RV Series: Day 4 on the Road, My Life in Song

Willie (Nelson ) and I have been singing On The Road Again  for a couple of days now.   We harmonize beautifully (Don’t ask OHD, his opinion does not count).

Today George (Straight) and I are singing Amarillo by Morning .    Though it is more like Amarillo by 4:42 pm according to the GPS lady.


She and I have come to an understanding.    I will try not to call her a bitch and she will try not to tell me to turn left in 500 feet into a lake.

Notice the box on the road in the picture?   Now you know why I call this the Big Box on Wheels.   Even the GPS lady does.

Headed to Oasis RV Park in Amarillo tonight.   It has been an easy driving day (said by the one who isn’t driving) except for Whiney McWhinerson (Tarra) practicing her solo skills.

Stay tuned….

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