The RV Series- Day 5 on the road. Even after all these years….

We spent a very comfortable night at the Oasis RV park in Amarillo Texas.   Lovely park, clean and well run.

Not us but I thought it was funny .                                      This is us.


We got on the road by 7:30 this morning as OHD is getting good at hooking and unhooking all the hoses and plugs.   I got my coffee, I got my cigarette and I had time for my weeble wobble legs to gel.

We’ve been married 41 years.  We work together in the same office.   However, being cooped up in a Big Bouncing Box on Wheels (notice I added bouncing?  Some rough road) brings up some “things”.     We were joking yesterday about the different personality traits we each have.   We joked about spinning the wheel of Dave or the wheel of Kathy and where it would land.

Here is a primitive (hey, I’m no artist and I’m going 65 miles an hour in a bouncing box) representation of those wheels.

The Wheel of Dave and Kathy

If I had gone with the input OHD gave me , the wheel of Kathy would only have two choices.     “Bitchy” and a very small “wants a new purse”.

He is so funny.     I almost erased “nice Dave” from his wheel……

Today we are headed to Elephant Butte Lake RV park in Elephant Butte New Mexico.   It is a beautiful day for driving.      Even Whiny McWhinerson seems to have settled down.

Stay Tuned….

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1 Response to The RV Series- Day 5 on the road. Even after all these years….

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    Hmmmm, Just put a “machine” in front of you and you’re good to go…. chuckle…

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