The RV Series- Looking ahead to Day 6 on the road- Sometimes you’re the Windshield, Sometimes you’re the Bug.

DSC_0302    Yes, those are splattered bug shadows.   I could do a whole study on bug sizes and sounds as they hit the giant RV windshield.    At first I was horrified and sad for the bugs.    After about 2000 dead bugs I decided that bugs must be stupid.



The dirty windshield drives OHD crazy. ( We should change his name to OCD for this post).    He has a giant squeegee washer thingy.   I’m pretty surprised he doesn’t ask me to hold the wheel as we are going down the road while he hangs out of the window with his friend the squeegee.

Anyway, believe it or not, that isn’t the point of the post.    The point of the post is that tomorrow we’re the bug.

I’ve written about the issues we’re having with the BBoW.    Issues are normal on a new coach but pretty frustrating.    We made a stop in Buffalo to have an issue fixed.   Today we spent over an hour on the phone with our manufacturer Newmar and with Freightliner the manufacturer of the chassis.   We have an issue with our air suspension not dumping (do you hear Charlie Browns teacher saying “whaaa whaaaaa whhaaaa” there?   I sure did when they were talking to me today).

Our kitchen sink is leaking and a foam seal on the slide needs adjusted.

What this means is that when we arrive in Tucson tomorrow instead of heading straight to our RV park and then to visit my sister we will be stopping at Freightliner of Arizona and then at Freedom RV.  Freightliner has to make sure it isn’t their issue and if it isn’t their issue then Newmar has to work with Freedom RV to arrange service.

A good portion of our trip so far has been and will be spent having the BBoW serviced.

Bug.   Splat.

Travel Dave says we are leaving Elephant Butte RV park tomorrow morning at 5 am so we can be in Tucson by noon.    You know what this means…….weeble wobble caffeine and nicotine deprived Kathy.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

Stay tuned….

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