The RV Series-Day 6 on the road- Outsmarting Travel Dave

I got up at 3:50 am.

3:50 am isn’t even the butt-crack of dawn.

3:50 am is the middle of the night.

I was determined to have my coffee ( 2 cups) and my cigarettes before Travel Dave started to shake and whirl like a dervish.

Of course, getting up in an RV means that anyone else in said RV will wake up too.   ( *innocent blink*)

I dressed, drank coffee, smoked AND put on makeup all before 5 am.

Then Travel Dave said we really didn’t have to leave until 6 am.

Travel Dave has a new wheel.   So do I  ( I’m not really mad but he doesn’t need to know that).

New Wheel

On the road to Tucson, stay tuned……

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