The RV Series- The rest of day 6 on the road, in a truck place and other stuff.

We left off this mornings blog  post at 6 am when we left the Elephants Butt RV park (I know it’s Butte but I’m feeling sophomoric tonight).

The drive to Tucson was fairly easy and we gained an hour going from central to pacific time.    This added fuel to the “we need to leave by 5 or 6 am” fire.

As I mentioned yesterday we had to stop at Freightliner to have a “dump valve” ( that sounds like sewer talk doesn’t it?  It isn’t) problem taken care of.    We pulled in around 11 am (we could have left at 7 am!Another black mark for Travel Dave) , had to unhook the tow vehicle, get what we needed out of the coach including the dogs.

Then they (secret agent men) drove the BBoW out of sight,   presumably to some super secret diagnostic area where men stand around and say things like “I believe  it is the whosiwhatsit thingamagig, please hand me the ax”.

We ( Travel Dave, the two dogs and I) were directed to an RV waiting area not to be confused with the Trucker Waiting Area which was much nicer.   I was jealous.

As we entered the store door, Jock balked.    He would not walk on the concrete floor to get back to the corner waiting area.    Dave had to carry him.

Tarra started whining .

As we entered the waiting area another dog started barking.   There was a couple and their little dog in the room waiting for their RV to come out of Area 51.    In talking to them we found out that they had been there 3 days.    I thought about crying but I was too busy trying to unwind myself from the dogs leash as she strained to herd the little schnauzer who was sniffing her butt.

4 hours later we had gleaned some great information from these full time RV’ers and made new friends.    That was the highlight.    The lowlight?    Tarra had a complete meltdown.   She whined , she panted, she drooled, she blew coat.   Jock was laying down like this was just another day.      I was wearing a black t-shirt.   By the end of the ………did I mention it was 4 hours………..yes…4 hours  I looked like I was wearing no shirt but had a very serious issue with chest and back hair.

I was 10 minutes from having my own melt down when they finally came out to tell us the the men in the super secret area had fixed our dump problem.

We hooked up the Jeep and headed out to try to make the 4 pm check in time at the RV park.   Made it just in time, got set up and finally got to my sister’s house about an hour later.

Had a lovely dinner and visit with my favorite people.   This  was like a really nice cherry on a shit sundae.   ( I’d draw a picture of that but …)

We are parked for the next few days.   It’s hot.

Tomorrow I’ll use the washer and dryer in the BBoW for the first time.

Stay tuned…..(I’m almost certain it will make for a good blog post)

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