The RV Series- BBoW speaks

Today while I am off drinking my lunch and dinner our guest poster is BBoW  himself  ( or herself?   I haven’t been able to find the place you look to figure that out…)


BBoW speaks:

These people have me parked in the sun.   After they drove me 2400 miles through wind and rain and weather they parked me in the sun.

I don’t think I like the sun.  It is hot and makes me itchy.

Let me tell you a little about these people who adopted me.

The woman seems to be a bit high strung with a low tolerance for frustration.    She says words that no young BBoW should hear.     She makes a lot of hand gestures too.    I kind of like those and wish I had fingers.

The man gives me hives.   He never sits down and is always fussing with something inside or outside my body.   Door open, door close, steps in, steps out…………geez.   Doesn’t he know that a door , window, or storage compartment only has so many opens and closes in it?     Doesn’t he know that I’d like to just rest and relax too?   Every time he opens or closes something I have to wake up.

I’ve been testing them with little problems since they brought me home.    It is important for me to test them to make sure they have what it takes to be an RV’er.    So far they are passing the test.  ( I have more up my sleeve but I’m not telling)

I heard them say we were going to be on the road again on Sunday.   We’re going to California by the water where I’m hoping it will be a little cooler.

I think I’ll keep the red head guessing on my gender.   She can call me Pat.


I hope she lets me use her blog again sometime or maybe I’ll just start my own.

Stay tuned…..

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