The RV Series-Parked in Newport- A New Dave

Yes, a new Dave.

Travel Dave,Morning Dave and Regular Old Dave have been joined by…..

Ants in His Pants Dave.

Ants in Pants

He doesn’t settle well.  He likes to be moving and doing all the time.

Ants in His Pants Dave is similar to Travel Dave in that he whirls like a dervish but it is to the tune of “let’s take a walk, go swimming, go to the movies, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, a bike ride, etc.”


I prefer to sit quietly in my box on wheels and read or write.


I admit it.

I miss my house.

I miss my left behind dog.

I miss my left behind family.

(Not necessarily in that order)

It is wonderful spending time with our son and daughter in law.   It is exciting anticipating the birth of the newest grandchild.

I’m just such a cocoon-er and my cocoon is that house in upstate New York.

Traveling full-time would definitely be a major adjustment.  Like a cold pool or a hot tub, something that I would have to ease into.

Living in BBoW full-time with another human being and two or three dogs might be…….um… somewhat difficult.

Ok, it might be hell, or my idea of hell which is defined  as any tight space with another human being who is always less than 6 -12 feet away and may speak to me……….

Of course, Ants in His Pants Dave may decide  to add Valium to his daily routine and mellow out or I  may suddenly develop into an extrovert who hates being cooped up and wants to stand in line at Disneyland.

I wouldn’t bet on that last one but I know there is always room for change and growth.

Maybe I’ll take the Valium and get in that Disney line.

I’m sure there is middle ground.

I just hope it isn’t right on top of the ant hill.

Stay tuned…..


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