The RV Series-Parked in Newport- Day 21-Photos with Kathy Captions

Today marks three weeks since we pulled BBoW away from our house and began the adventure.

It has been an interesting and exciting time .  We have about two weeks left, no baby yet but soon I’m sure.

I thought I’d post a few of the photos I’ve taken of the area.

Newport Tree and Island          This is a tree.

Apparently they have trees everywhere…..

This particular tree sits on Balboa Peninsula.   Directly behind it you can see a private island only accessible by boat or by a gated walking bridge.    There are quite a few homes ( mansions might be a better descriptor) on the island.

I’m sure the gate only opens upon submitting a financial statement and certifying that your poo smells like flowers.

This is a photo of the heavens submitting a financial statement and certifying that its poo smells like fluffy clouds.


This……….is art.   Really cool art ( and the metal guy whispered to me that his poo smells like motor oil).


In the last photo ,Catalina island can be seen in the distance.   Anyone can go there.  Even if you have really smelly …..well…….you know.


That’s it for the day.   The dogs are wanting to go out.   They will never be able to get on that private island…..

Stay tuned…..

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