The RV Series- Parked in Newport- The Reason for the RV Season

Girl Grandchild number 5 and the first girl in the family in 61 years was born at 2:34 am this morning.

The kids had come over yesterday for a good old-fashioned RV cooked dinner.  They left about 8:30 and at 10:30 I took a good old-fashioned sleeping pill and went to bed (Travel Dave, Morning Dave and Ants in his Pants Dave have a friend named Snoring Dave, thus the need for artificial knock me out pills).

At 12:15 am my phone rang.   I sat up, didn’t have a clue who or where I was but managed to find my phone and answer.

They were at the hospital and there would be a C-section at 2:30 am.    I vaguely remember my son asking if I had taken a sleeping pill and telling me that we wouldn’t be able to see them until sometime after 5 am.   I told him to keep me updated through text or phone.

I tried to go back to sleep but  the adrenaline had overpowered the ambien so I got up, got dressed, put on makeup and went outside at 2 am to smoke.

Makeup,you ask?  Yes,because someone might be outside at 2:00 am to see my naked face and I wouldn’t want to be the cause of any 911 calls to report a zombie apocalypse.

After what seemed like hours ( actually it was hours) we left here at 5 am to head to the hospital.

After what seemed like hours  (redundant? yes but again, it was hours) I finally got my first glimpse of the tiny perfect little girl.

The tears came.

Tears of happiness, of gratitude, of contentment.   My heart was over flowing as I stood there looking at my son, my youngest, my baby now a father of this little girl.

I’ve said many times that there is nothing in the world like being a grandparent.   I’ve felt this wonderful feeling with each of my 4 grandsons.   A love like no other.

Today my heart grew one more size.  This time a little pink bundle size.   I can’t wait to watch her grow.


I can’t wait to finally buy something pink.

Stay tuned….. ( and thanks for joining me on this journey).



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