The RV Series-Parked in Newport- Holy Sh*t this place is a ZOO( that was a working title but I like it so I’m keeping it)

Saturday night at the old RV park.

Full to the brim with BBoWs, trailers, 5th wheels and those tiny things that are technically called trailers but unless a person is under 4ft tall they can’t possibly fit in them.

I call them Bubbles.   I think they only have two wheels so if they come unhooked from your car they go ass end down ( or up?)

scotty trailer

I couldn’t even camp for a night in a bubble.   It would be like getting an MRI without the Valium.    I’d  be banging the sides after 2 minutes and screaming for someone to let me out.  The banging would cause whatever was holding bubble level to move and I’d go ass end up .   See?  No way I’m getting in one of those.

Once again I’m amazed at the things that people bring to “camp” for a weekend.   Today someone unloaded a blow up hot tub.   Really?     I laughed thinking about them blowing it up without an air compressor.  I’m sure they have one but the imagined visual was great.

The entire population of California is here in the RV park this weekend.   Well, maybe not the adult population but they sent their kids.   There are kids on skateboards, kids on scooters, kids driving golf carts (like maniacs, I predict they will never get their drivers license), kids on bikes, kids just walking (those must be the poor kids).

I love kids.    IN SMALL DOSES.      This is such an overdose that I need Narcan. (Or I guess it would be Kidcan in this instance).

Today a cute kid peered in my screen door.   I resisted the urge to say “WTF?” and sweetly said “Hi buddy, can I help you?”    He backed away so quickly that I might as well have said “WTF”.

I’m probably known as the mean old lady on the block now.    The one that will  keep your ball if you throw it in her yard.   ( The dogs do like balls…)

I’m holding on for Monday when I hope school is still in session for most if not all of these adorable children.

If not, I’m going to sit outside in my chair and yell things like “hey , get off my dirt!” That should help.    That and lots of wine.

Stay tuned……..

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