The RV Series- Parked in Newport- BBoW talks about his very first get together.

A post from BBoW………….

Today was Fathers’s Day.  I heard the redhead say that, I don’t really know what that means because I don’t think I have a father.   It was a beautiful, sunny, slightly too warm day in the RV park.

I hosted my very first get together!  I was proud to show off my new car smell and all of my bells, buttons and whistles.

I don’t really have whistles since I’m not a steam boat or a train but I  do have air horns.   I didn’t show those off though because they are loud and would have woken the baby.

Yes,they brought me a baby! I was so happy to see Sunny, the reason for my long journey. She brought along her mommy, her daddy (celebrating his very first Fathers Day) , her Grandpa and Gramma and her aunt.

She slept through the whole visit except for a few minutes when she had a picnic lunch and when she needed a change of clothes.  She came wearing her brand new tie dye onesie that her Daddy picked out and her GiGi (the redhead)bought her last night.  .   I haven’t ever seen a baby before but I love her and think she is so sweet.  She is pretty small.   I don’t think I was ever that small……well……..maybe parts of me before they put me together.


After dinner there was a walk and a picture session featuring her in her moms arms  with her daddy and her two very proud grandpa’s.

DSC_0779 (2)

I smiled the whole day.   I kept the inside cool and I shaded the patio to keep all the people comfortable.    The best part was that even though the redhead sometimes says I’m too small, everyone fit! ( So there redhead, see what you know?  Hmmph!)

It was a good day.

I heard the redhead say that we’re headed home in a few days.     I’m so happy I got to see Sunny and I’ll miss her.    I’m going to keep myself in shape so we can come back next year.

Stay tuned…..

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