The RV Series-Parked in Newport- After 41 years ( and 30 days in a BBoW) I love him still

Today marks the 41st anniversary of our marriage.   OHD (Old Husband Dave aka Travel Dave etc) and I (aka the redhead etc) were married on a summer day in 1974.

Dave and Kathy Wedding Day

He became an instant father when he married me.   My 3-year-old son and I were a package deal.    OHD never batted an eye.  He became everything a father should be and legally adopted my son 2 years later.

Two more boys came along in the 70’s completing our family.   OHD worked hard to support and take care of us.

The 80’s and 90’s were spent moving almost every two years for his job.    We spent time in 5 or 6 different states (often moving to different cities within those states after a year or so).    Each time the kids and I adjusted to a new environment, a new school, new friends.

Looking back, I think that time in our lives is the reason we have stayed married all these years.   We are closer because we were each others support system.

Now, the kids are grown and living in different places.   We have grandkids spread across the country.

The two of us just spent 30 days living in a box on wheels.    We managed not to kill each other and even managed to stay civil (ok there were a few moments but hey…).

I think this marriage is going to make it.

Stay tuned…..

(And Happy Anniversary OHD, Travel Dave, AiHP Dave, Planning Dave, etc.   I love you)

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