The RV Series-The Trip in Reverse-Crossing the Finish Line

40 days ago the Big Box on Wheels  pulled away from our home and and our adventure began.

Day One of the trip, ready to leave.

Day One of the trip, ready to leave.

After a rough start , our first stop was in Powell Ohio to visit with the kids and grand-kids.

Tonight we are back in Powell for one night.   It is great to see our three grandsons again and after last night, a shower and a bed in a house will be wonderful.

Tomorrow we will start the last leg of the trip home.   We may make it tomorrow or we may stop for the night ( but not at WalMart!) and get home early Thursday.

There are so many thoughts swirling through my head that I can’t put them all in order to write about them.   Organizing Kathy will have to show up for the final post.

As anxious as I am to get home… be home…….I’m a little sorry for the trip to end.  I’ve learned so many things.    I’ve enjoyed something new.    I’ve loved writing about the trip and having you all along for the adventure.

The Dave’s and I thank you for coming along on the journey with us.    Final post to come.

Stay tuned…..

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