The RV Series-The Trip in Reverse- The Long and Winding Road to a Parking Lot

The road wasn’t really so winding but it sure was long.

We’ve been on the road since 7 am and have just stopped for the night at 9:30 pm.

Way. Too.  Long.

We spent last night in Goodland Kansas in a very quiet RV park.  It would have been the perfect environment for sleep.

Except we didn’t.

The dog (Jock) was up and down all night long with ongoing intestinal issues.

I sent Driving Dave back to bed between 2:30 and 3 am.   I got Grocery Store Dave up at 5 am to send him to WalMart for rice, chicken baby food and canned pumpkin to try to help calm the dogs problem.

We traveled across Kansas all day, stopping at most of the rest stops for the dog.

Historic Kansas Marker at one of the many rest stops we visited.

Historic Kansas Marker at one of the many rest stops we visited.

I spent time this morning looking for campgrounds along our route where we could stop for the night.

At some point this afternoon, Driving Dave merged with whirling Travel Dave and stated:  ” I think we should just keep driving and stop to rest when we get tired” .


Silent Scream.

I’ve learned many things about myself on this trip and one of them is that at night I like being in a campground with full hookups  (power, water, sewer).

I like to put out the slides and have space after a long day of riding.   I like to be able to run the water to wash the dishes, the laundry and my feet.

He mentioned WalMart several times during the day and I countered with “rest stop”.   If we have to dry camp I’d rather be somewhere with grass for the dogs instead of a sea of black top with shopping carts all over because people are too lazy to walk 10 feet to the cart corral.

So, I got my wish……almost.    Not a rest stop but a truck parking area that does have grass.   It also has a pretty bad downhill slope.   Our front jacks are down(they really should not be in this type of parking) but we are still not level.    I just hope the brake holds…..

I have no earthly idea where the hell I am but think we are almost to St Louis.

The High Strung Redhead is front and center.

Jock is  still not feeling great tonight but I’m thankful he isn’t going potty every 15 minutes.

Just a few minutes ago, I Was Wrong Dave stated that tomorrow night we will stay in a campground.


Stay tuned……….

One more picture

Moon Flag

The moon with a giant flag in the foreground. We stopped at a Camping World parking walk the dogs…

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