The RV Series- The Trip in Reverse- Rocky Mountain High

John Denver sang …….

And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high
I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
He know he’d be a poorer man
If he never saw an eagle fly
Rocky Mountain high
It’s the Colorado Rocky Mountain high

I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
Friends around the campfire
Everybody’s high…………
Rocky Mountain high

A beautiful song which is now quite literal.    As we drove I-70 we passed store after store legally selling recreational marijuana.  I wish I had made Racing Dave slow down enough for me to take a picture but I’ll steal one from the internet for effect.    Hell, maybe we should have stopped….


Not one we saw but you get the idea…

Bud…….er……..but ….we didn’t.

We left Grand Junction sometime this morning.   We’re having discussion over whether it was really 5 am or maybe it was 6 am.  Something about that whole time change thing and did our clocks reset themselves or not.  ( Sounds like we stopped at the weed store last night doesn’t it?….we didn’t…)

We drove through the Rockies  and BBoW did a pretty good job of climbing the hills.   I kept chanting “I think I can, I think I can” and once we reached the top of the hills I’d hold my arms over my head like I was on a roller coaster as we flew downhill.

Not really, I mostly held on and told Racing Dave to slow down.

We’ve been through the Rockies many times but always in a car.   It is very different in an RV. It is very hard to pull over to take pictures so all my photos are taken through the windshield or window going 50 mph or more.


All the rivers and streams we saw were running high and fast because of recent rains.

Brilliant Blues and Greens

Brilliant Blues and Greens


I kept watching but all I saw were the Cannabis stores. Maybe that is what they mean.

Bye Bye Colorado

Bye Bye Colorado

Hello Kansas.  Hmmm, Kansas is blurry.  I swear we didn't stop at that store..

Hello Kansas. Hmmm, Kansas is blurry. I swear we didn’t stop at that store..

Tonight we are in a small RV park in Goodland, Kansas.    Tomorrow we will be somewhere.  I haven’t looked at the map yet so I’m not sure where.   I can’t believe how relaxed Planning Kathy is about the rest of the trip.

Maybe it was the air in Colorado.

Stay tuned……

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