The RV Series-The Trip in Reverse-Leaving Las Vegas

On the road again.

As I mentioned in my last post our stop in Las Vegas was tough on our 13-year-old border collie Jock.    He developed a tiny (<— understatement) intestinal issue and managed to leave a part of himself in several inappropriate places.

Last night I set my clock for 4 am to accommodate Travel Dave and his “suggestion” that we be on the road by 5 am.

At 3:15 am I felt a nose and heard panting.   My first thought was “GET BACK ON YOUR OWN SIDE OF THE BED DAVE!” (and yes in my head I was yelling…) but then I realized it was not Dave but Jock.

Dog Walking Dave quickly got up, got them both leashed and out the door to head for the pet walking area 17 floors below.

Halfway down the hallway both dogs left a smelly message for the hotel and the other guests.   Pooper Scooper Dave cleaned it up.

Meanwhile, Weeble Wobble Kathy (who took TWO sleeping pills last night) staggered into the living room thinking “wtf?”

I had no time for coffee, just a quick cigarette before Travel Dave was back and whirling.

My memory of packing, getting a bellman, loading into the car and then into BBoW is that it took about 15.2 seconds.    I might be a little off there but not by much.  We were on the road by 5:20 am.

A very hot drive through some beautiful scenery.

DSC_0011     DSC_0942

Tonight we are in Grand Junction Colorado.  Tomorrow we drive through the Rockies.     I sure hope BBoW has read “The Little Engine That Could”.


Stay tuned…..

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