RBF? There is nothing NEW about that


Resting Bitch Face.

Suddenly, the term is being used as the newest buzz phrase.  The entertainment shows on television show pictures of celebrities who look as if they might be mad when their face is at rest as if this is something new and celebrities invented it.

Last night I heard mention of plastic surgery to “fix” an  RBF.

I’d like to scream from the roof top (or I would if I wasn’t afraid of heights)


I’ve had one most of my life.    People have always told  me to “smile”.    My husband asks why I’m scowling, convinced he has done something wrong.


I AM smiling.   My RBF may leave you guessing about my state of mind but I am happy.

I have to say, as an introvert,  there is a positive side to resting bitch face.   Most strangers are afraid to get too close and you can see in their faces that the thought “wonder where she hid the bodies” has crossed their mind.

I won’t be having any surgery to “fix” my natural face.

In fact, I’m  waiting for the long line of celebrities that end up looking like this  because they couldn’t be happy or were told they shouldn’t be happy  with their RBF.

The joker

In the meantime, when I care I’ll just wear this:

I am smiling

Otherwise , I’ll just leave you guessing where I might have hidden the bodies.

Smile. 🙂

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