The RV Series-BBoW goes to the Hospital

BBoW speaks……….     


Hi everyone,  I’ve been a little sick and nobody in the local hospital could figure out what was wrong with me.  I heard the redhead say the doctors there aren’t very good.  She used those bad words and hand gestures again too.

So the man brought me back to the  factory hospital where I was born.   All the way to Nappanee,  Indiana.      I made sure that no matter how bad I felt I protected the man and got us here safely.

Newmar Service Center    BBoW in the hospital

The doctor here is a very nice Amish man named Mark and he has been at the factory hospital for 26 years.     He met us yesterday when we got here and walked around me inside and out.   He found things wrong with me that I didn’t even know I had!

They have had to call in a specialist for my hydraulic system.   I seem to have a lot of air that I can’t let out.    It makes me lean to one side or the other.    Mark saw it right away even though those bad doctors at the Albany RV hospital couldn’t.

The redhead didn’t come along on this trip.   Probably a good thing with her being high-strung and all.    She worries about me and the man.

I heard the man tell her on the telephone that he is sure I will get well here.    We’ll know after today how long I will have to stay in the hospital.

There are lots of other BBoW’s here too and they were all born here.   I heard some of their people telling each other that they wouldn’t take their BBoW’s to any other hospital, no matter how far they had to drive to get here.

Other BBoWs


I heard the man say he saw some BBoW babies being born in the new BBoW baby ward at  the factory hospital.Newmar Paint Bay

I think he might like to adopt one of those babies but the redhead won’t let him.    I think she loves me even though she is sad about me being sick and really mad at that local hospital.

I know she will be happy to see me and the man when we get home.    I hope she wants to go for a trip so I can show her how much better I am.

As the redhead would say…………stay tuned…..


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