End of Summer Haiku and Reflections

back to school

Kids go back to school

New backpacks filled with supplies

Happy Mom drinks  lunch

It’s that time of year again.   After a summer of sleeping in and fun activity, the kids are headed back to school.    Two of my grandsons had their first day back yesterday and one goes back in early September.

This time of year always reminds me of those years when my boys were growing up.  The first day of school always included first day pictures ( for them), a kiss and wave goodbye ( from me to them), a sigh of relief ( mine)  and then a nice lunch out with other happy mothers ( for me).

I was always glad to get my “me” time back, whether I was working or staying at home.

Funny how things look so different in hindsight.    My long empty nest adds an almost wistful filter to the lens.

Would I do anything differently?   Would I suddenly turn into that mother sobbing at the bus stop?

Probably not.

But then that mom could have been sobbing with relief…….right?

Book, cover….all that jazz.

Maybe all these years I was wrong to hold the sobber up as the gold standard of mothers. Maybe she was just so happy to see those little shits get on the bus that she couldn’t hold back her joy.

Yeah, I’m going with that.

So cheers to the relieved Moms, the sobbers and the smilers.    No matter how you feel,  enjoy it.   Time flies.

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