Another Saturday Night…..

and I ain’t got nobody. ( Great Sam Cooke lyric)

Old Husband Dave and BBoW are still sitting in Indiana.    The dogs and I are home alone.

While I love my alone time,  I’ve had enough for this week.  He has been gone since Monday and I miss him.

I have a short trip coming up next week so I’ve been trying to pack and get things ready to go.   I’ve ended up just wandering  from the closet to the suitcase empty handed.    I can’t make a decision on what to pack.

Fashion Guru Dave isn’t  here to say “Yes or No” when I try on clothes and ask if they look okay.

I asked the dogs but they really didn’t have an opinion .

Though I do think I heard Tara mutter “yes, your ass looks fat in those, don’t eat any more cookies” .

Maybe she just said “cookie” and I added the rest.

Airport Limo Driver Dave needs to be here to take his blind as a bat in the dark, high strung redheaded wife to the airport at 4:30 am.     Who else is going to do that?   Tara can’t drive.  (I’m mad at her about the ass comment so I wouldn’t ride with her anyway)

My fingers are crossed that the parts for BBoW come in on Monday and Travel Dave can head home.

If he makes it home in time, I’ll try on those clothes for him.  After 41 years he knows just what to say when I model clothes.   He might mean “yes your ass looks fat in those jeans” but he pronounces it as “those look great”.      After all these years I know by the tone, no matter what he says.

Hurry home honey.   I can’t take more fashion advice from the dog.   She is a bitch ( and a terrible driver!).

Bitch Tara

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